The Resistance Tour Muse finest hour ?

Resistance Tour

The 2nd Law tour was announced earlier this month, and this has got us reminicing about the previous Muse Tour “The Resistance Tour”
The Reistance tour started in October 2009 and Ended in August 2011. The Resistance Tour had 7 legs, 139 shows and saw the boys from Devon play all over the world in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia

As the tour name suggested the Resistance Tour supported Muse’s fifth Studio album “The Reistance” The tour started in Europe in the Autumn of 2009 when they played 30 shows across Europe, and they also played a couple of small shows stateside. The Second leg took place in Asia and Australasia including playing the Big Day Out Festival shows across Australia.
The next leg was more North America shows with 26 shows. Muse then entered the European Festival Season. Muse headlined their own huge shows in the UK both at Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford. I was lucky enough to goto one of the Wembley Shows which was an amazing experience.

The tour continued in the Autum playing shows in areas not previously visited during the tour, they then supported US on their 360° Tour dates in South America in Spring 2011. They played more shows in America to celebrate the Origin Of Symmetry Tenth Anniversary. The whole tour ended with headline performances at the Reading and Leeds Festival in August 2011.

The Setlist for the Reistance Tour European Stadium shows was as follows

2.”Supermassive Black Hole”
3.”New Born”
“Map of the Problematique”
“MK Ultra”
“Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”
“Butterflies and Hurricanes”
6.”Guiding Light”
7.”Interlude” + “Hysteria”
8.”Nishe” + “United States of Eurasia”
“I Belong to You”
“Back in Black” (Feat. Nic Cester of Jet)
“Citizen Erased”
“Ruled by Secrecy”
10.”Feeling Good”
11.”MK Jam” + “Undisclosed Desires”
14.”Time Is Running Out”
15.”Unnatural Selection”
Encore 1:

“Soldier’s Poem”
17.”Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)”
18.”Stockholm Syndrome”
Encore 2:

19.”Take a Bow”
20.”Plug In Baby”
21.”Man with a Harmonica” + “Knights of Cydonia”

Did you goto the Muse Resistance Tour ? What were your memories please leave a comment below.


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